10th April 1955

Dearest Darling,

Please forgive me honey for not writing before this. I’m always running around doing this and that, but I’ve got no excuse for not writing. Forgive me, Bev darling?

Tonight, one of those rare nights on the “Rock” it’s actually cold the wind is blowing and it’s been raining all day, but it feels good having a change in the weather. 

Few of the guys and I went to the flicks (show) tonight, really a “stick a rue.” A[n] english picture, wow it was long but it was something to do. We go on duty tonight at midnight till 6:00 in the morning just sitting around till it’s time to go to chow. This shift is tough, always get sleepy regular night but like always ha! One of the troops just came in and we had a little turtle in the barracks, he’s from Riverside just feeling around! like always! Never a dull moment this here sand, anything for a laugh, that’s us. Really a bunch of swell troops makes things easier when you’re working with some good Joes.

Just finished reading your litter honey you know something? I love you. Reading your letters makes me realize just how much I need you and want you near me.

This I’m writing now, I’m doing the following night while I’m sitting in the office on my hour break. Aussie is on break now to[o]. He’s sitting here reading and trying to goof around while I”m writing. Ol’ P.T. as we call him is really a clown, guess that’s why him and I get along so well; always closing as I said before, anything for a laugh. 

Meant to finish this today but just couldn’t get to it. Slept till 6:00 this evening, got dressed and went to chow. Came back, put on some different clothes, Ossie and I went to the movie again.

So you met the clan, huh? Glad you liked them. I haven’t seen some of my aunts and uncles in over five years. Never have many family reunions anymore. Have to get around and see them all when I get home, OK? That was sure swell of your mom to make that stole for mom. She wrote and told me about it too, she sure is crazy over it.

By the time you get this letter mom and Earl will be back Ohio living it up! Mom always enjoys going back to see her sister, and Earl gets enjoyment out of it too.

Hey that trip to New Orleans sounds great Bev. You and your parents should have a wonderful time. I’ve always wanted to go there myself, especially during the “Mardi Gras.” Really great I hear. Be sure and write and tell me all about it and send some pictures, sure was something to see this colored picture your having made. Didn’t mean for you to go all that trouble but glad you did honey. I’ll be sending you a couple of pictures within the next couple of days. One of them is a big one of the whole flight and their dogs. They both turned out really good. Hope you like them.

My brother is probably in his own little world now since he’s got that ski instructors job. You know he’s proud, can’t blame him, think I would be too.

Well honey I've sat here and used up my hour. Got to go back on the job only one hour to go then I can go to sleep (doe some sleeping). so I’ll say good by of snow. Be good honey and take care of yourself. Say hello to your mom and dad and Bud & Norma.

Love you darling
(It won’t be long now)

The sun is just starting to rise looks like we’ll have another rainy day, but these are good. Sleeping with the rain on the roof. See you soon honey.

Gosh I miss you Bev. We’ll sure gonna have to make up for last time, am I right?

Love forever,