14th January 1955

Dearest Beverly,

Waiting to go to work and have a few minutes so thought I'd start a letter to you. For when I look at your picture it makes me feel so good and guilty if I don't write.

Got another compliment on your picture. The commanding officer came through our barracks this morning on inspection tour which we have every Friday and asked our sergeant how had to stand by for the inspection, who the picture was. He thought it was a movie star!  Our flight sergeant told him, "No sire, that's Olson's girl." He told the sergeant, "Olson is a lucky fellow."

So you see everyone thinks I'm fortunate to have you and I have to agree with them!

Didn't tell you in the letter I wrote last night, but I told mom in the letter I wrote her this morning I was selected to compete in "Airmen of the Month" on the base in our squadron. Like I told mom even if I don't win, it's a great honor and sure makes me feel proud. Guess all the work I put in on my boots and uniform haven't gone to waste. Won't find out till next month, so sure praying a lot.

Has been raining all day and more forecasted for today and tonight. Sure nasty weather.

Well honey have to go to work now. Don't want to be late so I'll finish this letter later this evening. Bye for now. I love you darling.

Hi honey. It's now 10:00 in the evening the same day and I just got back from school where I had to give a lesson the .45 cal. pistol. We had school for three hours tonight. Just finished a pint of ice cream I got on the way back from school. We go on two day break tomorrow. Saturday and Sunday off and nothing to do but lay around and sleep and rest. What a life!

It's raining outside now and the wind is blowing like ----. Your picture is sitting right in the front of me and "wow!" it does something to me. Just sit here and stare at it. The fellows really kid me about it but I don't care cause I love you Bev.

Well darling have to get ready for bed (shower etc.) so I'll close for now and remember I love you and want to marry you when I get home if you have me.

Good night honey, hope I have a dream of you tonight. See you soon.