18th May 1955

Dearest Darling,

Hi honey. Love you Bev honey and do you realize the time is getting shorter and shorter till the day when I'll be leaving this place and coming home to you forever. Bev that day can't come soon enough. Believe me honey I miss you so and Bev you and I have a lot of time to make up for.

Got your letter Monday plus a couple from mom. She had to tell me all about their trip. They were in Missouri at Earls' sister's place just taking it easy. Guess they had some bad weather on the way and she was going to drop you a line and let you know all about it.

Wow! Sounds like your folks really got themselves a[n] automobile, bet they're really proud of it. Can just picture you cruising down the road playing the role. Don't blame you a bit. That color sounds crazy with that interior wow!

Go back to New Orleans in style huh? Tell your folks to take it easy there's a lot of power there. It'll run away with them (just kiddin)! Love you Bev.

What's with Guy and Kenny? Cant' they get along without fighting? Sure hate to see them bust up. Thought for sure they'd have a happy marriage. So Jim & Jane are getting marred in July? Sure wish I could be there. All the gang gettin married and can't even be there. Just isn't right. But most of them will be able to come to ours. Honey I agree with you  we're gonna have a church wedding. I want one.

You keep care of yourself darling. Those colds can be miserable and besides doing it, it might lay you up and you wouldn't be able to write and darling that would be more than I could stand. So be careful Bev. For me.

You'll be getting those pictures I sent a couple days before you get this letter I'm sending. Some more the first of next week OK, but listen honey I want some more pictures of you OK? Just a few will do (a few dozen so let's get on the ball.)

It's about 11:30 and I'm sitting here in my under shorts at my table. The radio is playing low (Joni James is singing "Maybe Next Time"). Some of the fellas went down to the club and got some whiskey this evening. A couple of them are pretty well lit now. They want me to have a drink but just can't see it, that stuff will drive a person crazy. Went to the show this evening. Seen "Captain Lightfoot." Thought it was a real good movie.

Our flight goes back on duty tomorrow at 6:00. Work two days of that shift then go on a 2 day break. Got a hair cut today up on base. That dude really chopped me up. These barbers they have over here must have flunked out of barber school. Boy they can't cut hair any better than I can. Oh well, what can you do?

Well honey I'm gettin sort of sleepy. Gonna go shower and brush my teeth and climb into bed and call it a night. So will write more on break. Be careful on your trip honey. Will be seeing you soon.

Bye for now.

Love you my darling. Remember that.

Forever yours,

Good night.