29th January 1955

Dearest Darling,

Hi honey. It's 10:30 at night and just got back from the movies, (seen Rear Window). Really a terrific movie, did you see it? Took a shower, shaved, etc. and now I'm sitting at my table with the radio on and my lamp burning. Everyone is in bed, except for a couple who went to town. (On the radio "Unbelievable" Nat Cole). Outside a nice tropical breeze is blowing.

Really a wonderful night for sleeping but I'd rather write letters.

Not much has been happening the last couple days. Went bowling today after I got off duty at noon, that's about the only thing I do anymore. It's a good way to spend an afternoon. I mean over here and besides it doesn't cost much.

Don't think I mentioned it in my last letter, but next month I'm going to Japan on a 7 day leave just to get away from it all for a while. I've been writing to Bob Staul who's stationed over there now and we're going to get together. He's stationed right near Tokyo, haven't decided where we're going to meet yet but am looking forward to seeing ol Bob again. It's been over 1 1/2 now. My mother calls Bob's mom once in a while to see what she's heard from Bob. My mother should be in the "Good Hearts Club" (if there is one). She's always worrying about everyone. She' a wonderful woman, didn't realize how much so till I joined in the [sic.] Air Force. Wow all the little things I use to take for granted sure will appreciate when I get home. Guess everyone feels that way.

As I was saying though, kinda looking forward to that trip to Japan. The way things are shaping up in Formosa now, it makes me think if it would be a wise thing to go or to wait a while ha ha!

How did you decide on the car deal honey? What ever you do it's alright with me, Darling. 9 months and some days now and I'll be on my way home and [to] you. Where would you like to go on our honeymoon? I'll leave that part to you honey. Every time i think of you and I being married and all those happy days before us and having children, what a feeling. Can't express it in words. Have to wait and show you, OK?

One of the fellows just asked me if I was writing to that lovely doll and I told him yes. He kinda gave a little sign and said you lucky guy, but the fellows don't have to tell me that.

It's 11:30 now honey and time for this dog to hit the rack (go to bed). Have to get up at 5:00 again in the morning. So I'll close this letter and remember darling, I love you ever so much and miss you so.

Good night, Bev honey. Before I turn out my light, always take that last look at your picture. What a lovely way to end a day.

Love you,

P.S. Say hello to the folks.