2nd May 1955

Dearest Darling,

I love you Bev, honey.

It's now 9:30 and I just came in the office for my hour break. We're working the 6:00 to midnight shift; last one then we go on two day break. Haven't got any plans for this break, just loaf I guess. Ol Ossie is sitting here in the office with me and chewing on a hame sandwich we got from chow hall along with some apples, oranges choc. milk and coffee, having ourselves a ball.

Say honey, I got that picture you sent along with your letter. Wow! The picture is sure good of you and what a pose, or you said Norma got you off guard "just goofing." No matter it's great and I've looked at it a hundred times. All the fellows just said Wow! and I agree with them honey, 100%.

Sure glad you had a nice birthday honey. Sounds as though you received some wonderful gifts, glad you liked the blouse, slip etc. They don't have much over here to choose from. That's why I had mom get it for you. Your coat should get there about the last of this month or the first of June. They've been having shipping troubles. Guess that's why.

Guess our dads had quite a bit to talk about. Earl can talk a leg off a person once you get him started.

Hey! What's Joan trying to do? Sounds like she kinda goofed with the car. Oh well; that's the big bad breaks on driving. Bet Don's happy though ha ha!

Sy darling,  time to get back to work. Will finish this letter tomorrow hen I get up OK? God bye for now. I love you Bev and long to hold you in my arms tight and squeeze and kiss you over and over. Good night honey.

This isn't the next morning, but the next evening. Approximately 6:30 and I just finished doing some [sic.] and general clean up. Now I'm sitting here at my table. All the troops have gone to tour or some place, just Ossie and I are here listening to my records and have a case of beer. What  way to spending an evening huh? Do this every once in a while. Usually end up getting drunk and going to bed.

What's with the weather there at home? All that rain this time of the year; thought this was beach season Oh well, guess it'll get nice pretty soon.

Our flight had it's picture taken here last week by a private photographer we got there back yesterday. Really turned out swell. Gonna get a couple duplicates made up. Will send you some OK? (Excuse me while I open another can of beer, getting thirsty.)

Tomorrow Ossie and I are going swimming up on base. Get back in shape if that's possible. We were going today but never made it; had to[o] many things to do like lagging around. Boy, what a lazy guy I'm getting to be.

Well Bev honey, guess I'll go get cleaned up. We're going to go to the show this evening. Have to have a little relaxation someway. Will write more later honey. Take care of yourself darling and write often. Still want some more pictures, so don't forget me.

Bye for now.

Love you forever and miss you so. Good night honey

Love always,