As they say, 'Hello World!'

Welcome to my new blog. That sounds cheesy, doesn’t it? But in all reality, everything in my life seems new now, so it’s only appropriate.

I guess I should just get to it. My name is Rachael. I’m 23-years-old, which seems so old to my naïve mind. Most of my social media sites are as follows:

Photographer. Daydreamer. Adventurer. Rights Activist

It seems like such a hipster tagline, but in reality, I think it’s the closest I’ll ever come to nailing that objective line in a resume.

I’ve been a photographer for about 4 years now, but really, I can remember stealing my parents’ cameras and running into the backyard to photograph my mother’s extensive gardens, our golden retrievers, and anything, or anyone, else that happened to run into my path. It was always a passion of mine and continues to be to this day. When I went to college, I was majoring in Biomedical Engineering, a subject that I think, in hindsight, just seemed more fun to say to people when I wanted something impressive sounding to shut them up. Needless to say, a year in and that major was out the window. I finished school with a Bachelor’s in Communication instead. (If it’s not obvious now, you can probably see where the wandering comes in.)

Being a daydreamer has been something I’ve struggled with embraced almost all of my life. I’ve honestly always been the kind to take off, head in the clouds. Have you ever seen ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?’ Yeah, that’s me, minus super cool Sean Penn and the jumping out of a helicopter into the freezing ocean only to be met with angry sharks. You see? It happens quit a bit, but I don’t think I’d change my strong sense of imagination. I use it quite often in creating my work. It’s a work in progress, but I wouldn’t change it.

I think my most favorite self-deemed title is adventurer. I’m always up for an adventure. Whether that’s hiking, kayaking, taking my dog for a walk, traveling, daydreaming about traveling, reading, photographing peoples, places and things… You name it, I’m down to try it. I have a large map of the world pinned to a wall in my room and as I learn of things happening, places I want to visit, things to photograph, etc., I tack them up. One day when I’m fabulously wealthy, I will compile my bucket list and begin. For now, however, I will take the simple pleasure in exploring my new home: Southern Wisconsin.

Last but not least, being a rights activist, probably the most personal hat I wear, is a recent passion. I campaign for many rights, including those of people and animals. I won’t express my opinions here and now. Perhaps later. I know how sensitive these topics can be and I wouldn’t want to ostracize any one right off. If you’d like to know, or want to express any opinions of your own, email me. I’d be happy to talk.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell, or at least, the social me. There are more layers, but none that really need to be discussed. On this blog, I will record my new life here in the Midwest; be it in words, songs, or photographs. These are my experiences and I hope that you’ll want to share your own as well. Enjoy!