Ice Age Trail – Janesville Segment

The weather has been a bit cooler this past week and I knew I wanted to trek out and really start exploring the hiking trails of Southern Wisconsin while we had a small break. For that reason, I did a brief hike.

I took, of course, my little hiking buddy, Parker, and we decided to start somewhere local: The Janesville Ice Age Trail Head.

The Ice Age Trail is about 1,000 miles of hiking trail through Wisconsin that follows ancient glacial paths. It's beautiful in that each town has its own section and each section differs in geography based on where it is in the state. The Janesville section winds along the Rock River, a tributary of the Mississippi River and is shorter—8.5 miles.

With the warm temperatures and the river so close, it was a mosquito paradise. However, finding these amazing old buildings in the forest more than made up for it. I'm not sure exactly what used to be there, behind the Mercy Hospital Trailhead, but I know others are aware—the graffiti tells me so. I'll have to do a bit of research and figure it out.

I'm super excited to go back this fall when the forest will start changing color. (That's my main point of hiking through the humidity now: be prepped for autumn.)