Mauston + New Lisbon, WI

This weekend we went to New Lisbon, Wisconsin. Now, to get everyone on the same page, because I surely was not, New Lisbon is not like Lisbon, Portugal. One might think so, but one would be wrong. That isn't to say that New Lisbon isn't a charming town, because, for the 2.9K people that live there, it is.

But, I will say that when I heard there was a harvest festival with wine tasting and grape stomping in New Lisbon, Wisconsin, I was thinking—Portugal! No. 

However, it was still an extremely beautiful place with rolling hills and old farm houses.

The festival is a weekend event, but unfortunately, we must have missed the big excitement because by Sunday, there were maybe eight or so people meandering around this small winery. (I'm prepared for next year; go on Saturday!)

My family and I still had a great time sitting on a sunny patio sipping a variety of wines and eating fresh, chicken salad sandwiches. We tried an ice wine—which, if you've never had ice wine, go now and try some!—and it was absolutely delicious. I was afraid to drink anything else for fear of losing the flavor. We bought a few bottles (Amber Ice included!) and just enjoyed the lovely weather.

On the way home, we saw this gorgeous Catholic church downtown and, lo and behold, they were having a raffle sale and mini-barbecue. This church is absolutely stunning. The pictures don't do it justice and the feeling you get when standing in front of it; it's so overwhelming to see something as impressive and strong as this building up close.

We walked around and saw a few booths, chatted with a lovely couple that make rosaries, and listened to the Packers score another touchdown over the loudspeakers.

All in all, it was a really fun trip and a wonderful day.