Hailey + Shaylee

One a warm afternoon, just as the sun was setting into golden hour, I met Hailey and her adorable daughter, Shaylee at her apartment. A quick, five-minute drive took us to an open field just outside of Firth, Idaho where we had planned to have their session. As most children would, Shaylee just couldn't wait to kick off her shoes and run through the tall grasses, the mud not really bothering her. Minus the small swarms of insects flying around, it was a perfect day. 

I've known Hailey since we began working together at a local feed and supply store about three years ago. She is one of the most compassionate women you will ever meet and her love for Shaylee knows no limits. What I loved most about this session was the fact that many of these moments were 100% candid. There was, of course, the occasional comment from the photographer to "turn this way" or "tilt your chin, please" but for the most part, it was a matter of keeping up with Shaylee.

Their fun, contagious spirit of adventure had us traipsing all through these fields. We're just lucky no one came by to harvest that afternoon.