An Afternoon Drive

This week has been so hot and humid and everyone is—at least as far as I know, I might be projecting my feelings on others—ready for fall. The temperature and the humidity matched this afternoon: 85. Do you know how gross you feel when the numbers are like that? It's hard to complain though, when you get to come back to a cool room to edit photos. But let's not digress on how hot it's been. I really like being able to complain about that.

Today was especially warm so this afternoon, I rather loudly woke Parker (my Trusty Terrier Companion) from his lazing around and we took off for an exploration of sorts along the backroads here in Wisconsin. Of course, that meant stopping every 1/4 mile or so to take a picture.

I don't think anything scares fellow drivers as much as a girl hanging out on the edge of a two-lane highway taking photos. I caught a few worried glances and tried my best to smile back and assure them I was good.

These are a few shots from this afternoon. Nothing spectacular, but you can tell the seasons are slowly changing. I'm so excited for autumn when the leaves around here will start changing. We didn't have a high tree population in Southeastern Idaho—as it's mostly a desert—so this year will be the first autumn around the picturesque red and orange leaves. (Until then, you can check out the playlist I made here to get you prepared for those autumn vibes.)