A Day at Devil's Lake

Still failing at posting on time, but at least it's consistently, right? Moving on.

Autumn here in the Midwest is just on the cusp of leaving us. The northern part of the state has transitioned from emerald greens to glowing oranges and fiery reds in a matter of weeks and now, here in the southern half, that transition is passing through. The humidity here in the summer is, to be blunt, awful. Stepping out into the sun and feeling like you never left your shower is a bit of a bummer, but as the temperatures cool and the colors change, it's suddenly worth the pain of the last three and a half months.

A few weekends ago I wrangled my dad in for a hike. We drove a few hours north of us to a place I had been wanting to visit since last year: Devil's Lake State Park.

The further we drove, the more magical the landscape became. On the southern Wisconsin border, where I currently live, there are beautiful patches of woods and winding creeks, but for the most part, at least to my undiscovered mind, we're surrounded by vast corn and soy bean fields. Gorgeous, mind you, but for a girl who grew up in the sprawling forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, not quiet enough to get me excited.

However, I was proved wrong as we finally entered a magical, colorful forest encircling a beautiful and crisp lake.

Trees hugged the slowly driven roads and families gathered in huddled groups taking portraits. The leaves fell almost as if in slow motion and every winding turn lead to something even more beautiful.

After finding a place to park, the toughest part of the day, we harnessed up Parker and took off into a golden wonderland. It was so lovely and nice to walk through the woods listening to chatter of families and friends, swapping comments with other hikers, and just basking in the beauty of a midwest autumn.