Travel Day No. 1

I have had the most wonderful opportunity to go back to my first home, my roots in the PNW, and visit my grandparents for their 85th and 87th birthday! As I'll be traveling and spending the majority of my time with them, I thought I'd share a few quick pics I took while flying out.

I absolutely love flying. From the excitement of booking a ticket, to packing and choosing what to bring, to the actual day of travel, I love everything about it. A few months ago, my mom and I decided, along with my aunt, to fly back out to Washington from our respective homes and surprise my grandmother for her birthday. Through much planning, as we're on the east coast and my aunt is in Hawaii, we finally locked everything down. On Wednesday morning, at 2:30 AM, I woke bleary-eyed to darkness and my alarm.

After getting ready and catching the 3:30 bus to Chicago O'Hare, I finally boarded the 7:10 flight. It's so magical to fly in the morning. There is almost no one in line for anything, you get to watch a gorgeously lazy sunrise, and when you get to your destination, you practically have an entire day still ahead of you. Of course, flying to Washington brought clouds, but for the briefest of moments, they would open and show a beautifully miniaturized world below.

As time comes I'll write more, but for now, I want to spend it all with my family.

Have a wonderful week!