Moody Days in Chicago

I haven't used this blog in quite awhile. In fact, while I was in Europe, I totally thought I would. (Joke's on me.) But now that I'm back in the States, I'm debating whether to retroactively blog about my au pair experience or let bygones be bygones. For now, I'll be in the present. 

My brother came out from Idaho to spend a week with us and of course, being as I love the city, I dragged his poor self to Chicago for mostly selfish reasons. We spent almost four hours in the Museum of Science and Industry and then worked our way over to the Willis Tower because glass box suspended over the city! As the sun was setting on our day, I fell in love with the warm sunset on the last days of summer. A bit far from my normal editing style, I wanted to capture the glow and shadows on the crip architecture of Chitown. 

I'm a girl of the countryside at heart, but there's something so beautiful about walking down streets full of strangers and noise. The bustle of dozens of stares and people briskly making their way home; it's almost welcoming.