A Day at the Dog Park

Autumn is here in full swing now with windy afternoons and stormy clouds. Of course, the heat hasn't fully disappeared yet, but it looks like it's cooling down. My hope is for a long, beautiful autumn before the snow comes. Fingers crossed!

Today I took the three pups out to a county dog park. Our streets at home are lovely, but they've started to bore with the same paths and smells. I figured it was a good day to load them up and give them a little excitement. A half-an-hours drive found us in a gorgeous patch of Southern Wisconsin with rolling hills, flitting leafs, and blue skies.

It was a great afternoon to let them run wild and free. The dog park was set up in four sections: two for larger breeds and two for smaller. As my brood sits somewhere in the medium range (a Border/Aussie mix, and two Terrier mutts) I figured the smaller fields were a better start. We found the one without another single soul and once in, the leashes were off and so were they.

It was a wonderful day of fresh air and wagging tails.