Autumn Textures

The most beautiful season, in my opinion, has finally hit the midwest full force. Though we're not at peak color yet, Southern Wisconsin is definitely feeling the autumn vibes. This afternoon, while clouds whipped past overhead and the sun flitted giddily behind them, I decided to wander out of the house for a little walk. I think Louie was super excited to run around as well.

While the overall look of this trail was stunning — beginning in emeralds and auburns and transitioning to ambers and rubies — what I found most beautiful was the small details in the plants and foliage. Plants that once might have been delicately petaled flowers now had turned hardy and burnt from the summer sun, seed pods and remnants leftover from the bygone season.


Mother Nature gifted small presents along the way; each trinket was a reminder of the cycle that we each must live through as the year progresses.