Slow Living: An Evening Drive in the Country

The other night, a large rainstorm came through and soaked the ground and trees. As light slowly peaked through the clouds, everything glittered and the contrast between the storm clouds and setting sun was enough to make me get in the car and take a nice, truly slow living cruise through the country. It was so refreshing to take my time and stop where I wanted, hike where I wanted, and photograph what I wanted without a care in the world or stressing about what time it was. (Hopefully without sounding to self-centered, it was a beautiful night for me.)

Between driving through backroads and stopping to adoringly watch Scottish Highland cattle and calves hopping around farms, it was the most relaxing night I've had in weeks.

What are your favorite ways to wind down and really connect to the nature and life around you?

Have a lovely week!
Rachael xx