Just Another Photoshoot with Agnes

Sometimes when you don't have a lot on your schedule you decided to test out a new prime lens (or in my case, a lens I've had but totally forgot about) on... your cat.

Luckily, Agnes is so used to me buzzing around her with a camera that she usually just ignores me—which, I'll say for the record, does hurt my feelings a little. Getting her attention is hard work because she, in her infinite cat wisdom, does not care about what I'm doing. I could light myself on fire and she'd probably yawn and go back to bed. The only time I can really sense her undying love for me is when I get her breakfast and dinner. For a few brief moments I'm the only thing that matters until I put that bowl down. Then the bowl is the only thing that matters. But I still love her so it's ok.

She's kept me company, years after rescuing her from the pound, and purrs when I scratch behind her ears and sleeps by my head at night so I'd consider it a good and healthy relationship in my book.

My somewhat one-sided relationship continues to prove to me just how much of a cat lady I really am. We have dogs and I love them so much, but these cats man... There's just something about them. If you're considering adopting a furry darling, I highly recommend elderly and middle-aged cats. Nothing gives your life more meaning that bringing in a baby close to the end of their prime and giving them years of love and warmth and shelter. They will let you know how grateful they are every hour of every day—unless it's food time. They might be a bit occupied during food time.

Feel free to contact me if you have any concerns/questions about adopting or if you'd like to book a pet shoot!