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Hello there! I'm Rachael, a free-spirited adventurer, dog walker, lover of road trips and period films. I'm trying to figure things out but loving the ride along the way.

My Grandfather's Garden — The Zinnia Edition

Though it’s October (almost November) in the Pacific Northwest, my grandfather continues to cultivate the loveliest garden. Currently, his zinnias are in bloom and they’re splashed about the backyard like a wild watercoloring of summer. No rain or grey clouds can take away from their vibrant colored petals.

Just like him, my mother also has a touch of the gardening witchcraft in her veins. She attempted to pass these skills down to me, but let’s just say I work best with wildflowers (aka, minimum workload) species.

Zinnias are very similar to a wildflower in that they can completely seed themselves. Plant a packet from your local hardware store in the late months of spring and you’ll have an endless abundance of these painted lovelies for the entire stretch of summer and fall.