Spring has Finally Arrived!

Out here in the Midwest, we've been staring at the rest of the country with envious eyes. (Well, maybe not the entire country—looking at you Northeast.) As friends and family posted photos of their beautifully blooming trees and flowers, we continued to watch the snow fall, inch by inch. We took bets on whether or not we'd get a spring and prayed that Mother Nature wouldn't take a violent leap into summer. The weather gods were kind; we've had a blissful last few weeks with high 70s for temps. With a lightning storm earlier this week, it seems as if everything just exploded with life. Birds, trees, flowers... they're all here and ready to party.  

While cooking dinner tonight, I briefly looked out and saw how lovely our fruit tree looked as it basked in the setting sun. Though there are only a few handfuls of blossoms as various stages of blooming, I had to go out and snap a few (dozen) photos. A fat, fuzzy bee joined me.

I'm so happy for this weather and for the new and wondrous adventures that will come with watching the season progress. Over the next  few weeks I'll probably get to the trails more and see what other beauties are popping up.