Like a Bright Light

Hello and happy Friday! (If it's not your 'Friday' today, you have my deepest apologies. I secretly used to loathe with my salaried M-F coworkers would chirp about their beloved weekend while some of us still worked six more days.) ANYWAYS...

Let's say Happy August 24th! Can you believe that we're already this far through the month? There's so much up in the air in my neck of the woods that I'm both praying for time to speed up and simultaneously slow down. Have you ever had that? I want to be on the next part of the journey, but I also want to remember to enjoy and truly, truly, revel in each day.

I'm getting back into making playlists; songs I like, that inspire, that cool me down or fire me up. This month has been about getting outside of myself and becoming reacquainted with meditation and a bit more mindfulness. While I don't always take 5-10 minutes to unwind in the evening like I should, I find I can even give myself two minutes at any moment in the day just to check in and see how I'm feeling.

To honor that, my newest playlist is about stopping to breathe for just a second. I've included calming, peaceful instrumentals, some more abstract pieces, and songs that I just really love to daydream to. Let it be a reminder to allow yourself the sensation of just feeling.

a sensation of being neither here nor there, but bathed in glorious light. a star in the sky; a ray of dappled sun on a leaf. a mix for days when you just want to be part of something bigger.