Why Titles Shouldn't Matter

Back in college, I can remember friends and I picking out what our career paths would look like and how exciting it would be to have a proper title on LinkedIn. (For some reason, "Aspiring Photographer Currently a Student" never had the right ring to it.)

Years down the road, I can physically list out every job I ever applied for, interviewed, and accepted based on what the title was solely because I liked the sound of it. Because I felt like my parents would be proud to say, "Oh, my daughter? She's a (insert fancy title here)." I'd picture them saying this while they produced some sort of lilting empty laugh, probably while my mom played with a string of pearls, champagne glasses clinking back and forth, My parents don't even drink champagne!

In my mind, I always felt like I was racing colleges and friends to some sort of magical finish line where we'd all spit out what our job titles were and the best and coolest sounding ones would win some sort of golden, glittering prize. I can tell right now, at the prime age of twenty-six, NO ONE CARES but you.

Yes, we use these little titles and snippets of witty writing to shout out in 140 characters or less who we are and what we do. I mean, whenever anyone asks what I want to be, I feel like I almost involuntarily regurgitate my Instagram bio. Really. It's a real thing. I kid you not.

But is that really all I am?

Leaving behind just the titles we ceremoniously give ourselves, what about the ones that we define ourselves as in the work field? Should the jobs we want to fill be based on something as simple as having the word "executive" or "administrative" or "specialist" in the title? Shouldn't we be chasing jobs that pull at us and promise us the chance to really see what we're made of? To challenge us and make us want to come to work everyday ready to do our best? Who cares if your title doesn't sound polished and six-figure-y? 

Maybe I'm just on an island by myself wondering how I've ended up in my most recent Title Hunt. As I look at where I currently am, I can only shake my head. Girl, you got caught up in something frivolous again. I can tell you this: something is going to change and change soon. It's just a matter of settling some things within myself, steadying my poor delicate ego, and getting dirty with the rest of the real world, fancy title or no.