Gemuetlichkeit Days

Yesterday my family and I went to German Fest – I can't pronounce the official title, Gemuetlichkeit Days – and had a good time listening to this amazing polka band, ate a bit of food, and, of course, drank beer.

A fun event, German Fest brought together the community of Jefferson and surrounding towns to celebrate German heritage. There was Hammerschlagen, a drinking game where you take turns flipping a hammer before you (attempt to) drive a nail into a tree trunk. The more you drink, the more fun the game gets.

The festival wouldn't stop until midnight, but we only spent a few hours there before heading off to the Essan Haus in Madison.

The Beginning of Summer

It's finally (pre summer) fair season! With Memorial Day weekend upon us, small towns all over America are opening their fair gates to the public and family are flocking in droves. The Chocolate Fest in Burlington, WI is no different. Complete with a craft fair, amusement rides, and tent dedicated to local chocolatiers and their confection creations, the air was filled with excitement for the season to come.