Ahead of the Game

It's December 13th and I am officially 75% done with buying and wrapping presents! This never happens so I'm very excited. I definitely think a big part of this is that we're having a low-key holiday this year. No extravagantly large purchases, no huge amounts of money spent. We've all picked a few things for each other that are practical, fun, and can be used for years to come. 

When it comes to wrapping presents, we've also kept it pretty casual. I surfed Pinterest for about a half an hour (#noshame) and saw a few designs/styles I love. 

Simple brown paper, twine, and clippings from our trees outside were combined to create a minimalistic but beautifully wrapped present. I used a few fine tip markers to add designs to each present.

Wrapping Presents_121315_08_2200.jpg