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Hello there! I'm Rachael, a free-spirited adventurer, dog walker, lover of road trips and period films. I'm trying to figure things out but loving the ride along the way.

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Variations of Self Love

As 2017 sailed off into the sunset (or limped in some cases), it's become time to look forward to newly created hopes, dreams, and plans for 2018. A new year brings new challenges, goals, resolutions, plans, and more. We buy planners and bullet journals, new calendars, and lovely stationery to prepare for everything we need to get done; small and large tasks alike that we can systematically check off our lists. While I'm not disagreeing—considering I, myself, have my own "to do" list just to the left of me as I type—I've also made a semi-silent and internal promise to myself this new year: to do what feels good. While I, like so many others, am vowing to lose weight, it's more than just watching the numbers from the scale drop. It's a gently and lovingly wrapped portion of a larger package: to love myself.

While thinking about self love the other day, I started to mentally compile ways that I can show myself physical, verbal, and mental love. Below is a small list of ways that you too can bring a bit more of that "treat yo self" mentality to your everyday life.

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