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When Your Town is Ugly

The perfect example of the beauty and ugliness that makes up my neighborhood.

I remember I asked this once before, but I’d like to pose the question again: what do you love or hate about where you live? (and) Do you find yourself ever editing your neighborhood to show the best of it, or do you share the nitty gritty no matter what?

For Lovers of Instant Gratification

I'd be lying if I said I never did anything for instant gratification. Who doesn't love the idea of putting in a bit of working and seeing the results straightaway? I actually have a bad habit of treating almost every situation like I'm waiting for that immediate satisfaction.

One week at the gym—where are my abs? One month at a job—why isn't every single thing making sense? It's an unhealthy way to look at goals and is something that I definitely am aware of and working on. 

However, if you are a true fan of the instant grats, let me show you to a path of joy that will allow you to work for a few hours, step back, and soak in everything you've done: