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Adj. Glittered with gold and silver; tinseled. || Fabric swirls around like water in a whirlpool, a blur of silhouettes behind wisps of color. Tiaras catch the light and shatter into a million stars. A mix of classical pieces suited for an evening at the ballroom in an era time has but almost forgotten.


For days when you just, simply put, want to kick some ass and get things done. Yeah, those kinds of feelings. An eclectic mix of pop + dance music to fuel the fire in your veins and push you on, whether at the office or the gym or the park down the street.

All Things Must Pass

I've been feeling rather melancholic lately, so enjoy the playlist for when you want stare out the window and watch the world blur. Time stops for no one. Never hold with a fear of letting go for if you never do, you will never move forward. A mix of songs that both allow you to feel the sorrow but inspire you to begin anew.

Be Merry and Bright

Gather your family, those of blood and those of bonds, and rejoice in another year. Take a moment to be grateful, for even the smallest of things. A mix of acoustic and cozy pieces that bring on the feelings of nostalgia and family gatherings. Happy (early) holidays to you all!