When my family visited California last summer for a family reunion, I knew I had to photograph some of it. I was born in California but only lived there for a short time. We did the family ritual of packing the car, to over-enthusiastic children, and trekking to Disneyland when I was young, and we even went back to San Francisco four years before.  This time, I was prepared with camera in-hand. 

The itinerary included my parent's old stomping grounds and new places I had never seen before. It was the best sort of adventure where we didn't have concrete plans allowing the days to be filed with trips as our hearts took us. 

We drove down Highway 1, visited the historic San Juan Bautista Mission, walked down shop-lined streets in Carmel, and jumped from ride to ride at Santa Cruz.

It was hard to narrow down all of my favorite places, but put together in this short online magazine are brief looks at that list.

Please enjoy!